Project EXI

The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

Oct 13 2009

Replacing the cambelt


Got the new cam belt, water pump, and tensioner. Had trouble removing 2 of the 4 bolts that hold the alternator belt pulley onto the cam belt sprocket
Had to dremel in a notch and use a cold chisel to remove them. Once Id done that the water pump and tensioners were straight forward. Need to get 4 stainless bolts to fix the pulley back.

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Oct 12 2009

Engine prep


Went to a local independant garage this afternoon, SJB Autotech, to ordere a replacement Cam Belt, gasket sealent, oil filter and a waterpump.
Due to pick them up tomorrow! So the engine service can start tomorrow.

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Oct 11 2009

Steering colum, gear change and handbrake fited


Ive fitted the handbrake assembly to the Chassis, but I removed the horrible plastic cowl, Will need to find something more appealing
Fitted the gear change assembly to the chassis, again removed the gear knob and gater, Also need to find something more appealing later.
Removed the Air Bag from the steering wheel, this is easily removed by releasing the 2 spring locks, found on the back of the steering wheel. To remove the steering column cowl, you have to remove the steering wheel. I managed it with a 9mm Allen Key
once the wheel is off, two small grub screws can be removed to release the bottom section,and a couple on the top section
I alsos spotted that the steering wheel adjustment, mechanism had broken (Dont let the adjustment fold too far bax on itself with the steering cowl off) It may break the locking mechnism, as this happened for me.
Looking for a replacement part, you need a new steering column the small black washer part, broken for me, is not available, and at £400 for a new column this was out of the question
A Breakers yard my suffice, but insteadI thought I will remove the adjustment mechanism and replace it with an M6 x 70 Stainless bolt and nyloc. The wheel will still have movement, but under the control of a socket spanner. How many times do you move a steering for a better position? Once when you buy a new car. Dont see the point of it on a Kit Car, So that has gone!!
Also removed the ABS sensor from the wheel hubs, used the only tool of choice, big hammer. One ABS sensor, split into pieces, the other came out ok. In the bin, no good to me as the EXi wont have ABS.

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Oct 08 2009

Front side panels


Started to trim the front side panels
Cut the excess material off the aluminium sheets with tin snips
Need to buy some hole saws going for a 25mm & and 86mm, I think the 86mm is slighter larger than needed, but will also cut the tunnel holes in the front and rear bulkhead
Need to continue with the side panels, and file excess material to the score line on the panels provided by Marlin.

Do not fit the front side panels until you have fitted the front lower wishbones

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Oct 06 2009

Rear bulkheads


Drill 2mm pilot holes into bulkhead panel at 70mm intervals and clamped to chassis.
Drillled 5mm holes through pilots and into frame.
Glued panel to frame, and rivetted with 4.8x10 blind head rivets.

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Oct 05 2009

Front and rear bulkheads


Marked front bulk head to show chasis members.
removed front bulkhead, and marked ready for drilling at 70mm intervals.
Drilled 2mm pilot holes through bulk head.
Replace front bulk head and drilled 5mm holes through bulkhead panel and into frame.
Removed bulkhead and applied UV selant to frame.
Fitted bulk head and rivetted in place with 4.8x10mm rivets.

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Oct 3 2009

Build started


The build has started Removed engine from chasis with engine crane, placed to one side sat on wooden pallet. Turned chasis upside, place floor pan on underside, and clamped in place. Marked location of chasis cross members from inside. Removed floor pan and marked location for holes at 50mm intervals Center pucnhed the holes and drilled 2mm pilot holes Replaced floor pan on chasis, and clamped in place. Used 2mm pilot holes to drill 5mm holes into floor pan and chassis memebers. Removed floor pan and stored for fixing later. Turn chasis over to the right way up. Trimmed front bulk head to fit. Trimmed center tunnel to fit. Trimmed rear builk head to fit.

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Sept 30 2009

Modules 1 and 2 delivered


|Well the project starts now. As of 29 september 2009 I have now received modules 1 and 2, and all donor parts for the build to commence.
The car was delivered with the engine and gear box fitted.
The first ijob is to remove the engine, so that the floor pan and baulkheads can be drilled and fitted by turning thr chasis upside down
The engine needs to be removed for cleaning and replacing various parts like the cam belt, water pump and gaskets where necessary.

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Jul 27 2009

Donor delivered


Delivered the Donor to Marlin on Saturday. Mark seemed impressed with the Seat Leon and politly asked for another 4. :)
I have to say I was impressed with what I saw. Saw my chassis. :D
Mark said he is hoping to start stripping down my Donor on Tuesday this week. That is the shortest time a Car I have bought has ever lasted. 6 days from purchase to dismantling.

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Jul 24 2009

Donor photos


Just taken some photos of the Donor, see them in the Photo album

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